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Dear Healthcare Provider,

In this day and age, obtaining reimbursement has become a full-time job.  There are so many obstacles that make it difficult to perform this task.   Staying on hold with insurance carriers for long periods of time only to hear, "We're sorry, your claims were never received" or "I'm sorry, this patient doesn't have coverage".

With a waiting room filled with patients waiting to be seen, you and your staff don't have time to verify benefits, file your claims, verify their receipt, perform patient accounting, find out why claims aren't getting paid, file appeals for denied claims and tend to your patients at the same time.  Insurance companies aren't available to talk to you after your office closes. This all has to be done during your working hours.  During the time you need to spend with your patients.

What's your solution?  A qualified HealthCare Billing Center.  The whole focus of a Medical Billing Center is to obtain your reimbursement.  The rules and regulations in this industry are constantly changing.  It is the job of the billing center to keep up with those changes.  These changes can affect your reimbursement or worse, cripple your practice.  Do you remember the days when you could just send in your superbill and the insurance carrier would just pay you?  Not anymore.  The insurance industry has stricter regulations and have put up more barriers.  Obtaining reimbursement is a full-time job and if you want your cash flow to be steady, let a professional perform your reimbursement tasks.

Where do you start?  First you need to know what to look for in a Medical Billing Company.  Then visit your State's link, choose as many billing centers as you would like to interview.  We have a listing of billing centers on each page that have also provided resumes or websites.  If you don't mind going out of State for your billing center, most centers will take out of State clients.  Do you have criteria that you need to meet and don't want the hassle of looking through all of our billing centers?  Take advantage of our 

If you would like us to provide you with referrals, please submit our customized provider request for referral and you can choose to either have us contact the billing company for you, or receive listings that best match your needs.

Detailed Job Description of a Medical Billing Specialist (PDF)


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If you are a physician in need of a referral, please contact us with details and we will do our very best to match you with a medical billing professional If you are looking for a medical billing specialist who works with a specific specialty, please visit


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Note to Physicians:

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What to look for in a billing center

Detailed Job Description of a Medical Billing Specialist

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