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Note to Physicians:

We are providing a list of resumes and/or listings of medical billing companies who subscribe to Practice Managers Resource & Networking Community, a comprehensive educational resource website and networking arena.  We do not endorse any of these companies or the services they offer.  It is your sole responsibility to choose the appropriate company and verify their resume and experience and/or knowledge.  Visit:  What to look for in a billing center.


Attn: PMRNC Subscribers:

Due to the amount of growing complaints we receive about un-solicited emails to our subscribers, we have decided to create a policy to act upon these complaints. The majority of complaints seem to be offshore companies looking to recruit US businesses.  PMRNC will never sell or give out your personal information to ANYONE. If you are listed within this listing area, it is because you requested this listing, however we still feel compelled to put the following policy in effect:


  • Upon a first complaint, email the sender of the un-solicited email and request they cease and desist. We will also email the users ISP to report it.

  • Upon a second complaint we will post their email address, subject of their email address, and company name HERE on this page. Each time a company listed continues and we receive a complaint we will update the amount of complaints against that company.

    We ask for your cooperation and to please forward all emails you feel would warrant the above action to:

    Are you an Offshore Company? If so please skip through our site, as we do NOT welcome, endorse, recommend, take any part in or list any company known to provide offshore billing!  DO NOT SPAM our subscribers or we will publicly list your company in HERE!

    As an FYI to our Known Spam Offenders. We keep the original emails with complaints thereby making this list completely legal and legitimate. If you fail to cease & desist spamming, we have every right to make public this ignorance!



    Nirav Parikh

    VAP Services Pvt. Ltd.

    20 M.P.Road,

    Opera House,

    Mumbai 400 004,

    India .

    Tel# +(91) 981-970-1329

           +(91) 222-369-8854


    Swastik Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
    Branch offices in India
    Arun Tibrewal

    TekHealth Services
    A TekEssence Company

    R V Nathan
    Rapid Care IT Services Group
    Chennai, India

    APS Information Management
    Neelam Yadav
    341/41 Jaldhara,
    Charkop Kandivli(W)
    Mumbai, INDIA
    Call: 91-22-28686852

    Dave Anderson
    Business Development Manager
    tcbos inc.

    CHENNAI - 600 006, INDIA
    PHONE: 91-44-2829 0879/2829 0881

    Ken Technologies, LTD
    Prashant Bhatnagar
    Mahalaxmi, Mumbai - 400011
    tel 24950632/33

    Rajasekhar Sajja
    Managing Director
    NexEvolve Logic Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
    #401, Swastik Plaza,SR Nagar,
    Hyderabad - 500038, India
    Tel: +91.40.55368401
    Mobile: +91.9849053507

    Rao Mandava
    Tracobi Healthcare Services
    Hyderabad, India

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